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My take on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Over the past two years I’ve been asked what I’m studying and how it works. I would have to laugh and say that it’s hippy voodoo, because honestly, I didn’t know how to put it into words. It’s such a simple wholistic modality that has amazing effects and results on your life, but the simplicity makes it slightly unbelievable.

There were times in class that I would laugh out loud at the ridiculous notion that sitting in stillness could actually accomplish something. Now if you know me, you know that I run at one million miles per hour and always have something in the works. My teachers even giggled at the fact that I chose a modality based in stillness. Well, I truly believe that you are drawn to what you need, and this was the Universe’s funny little way of tossing me into what my system needed most.

So here goes my explanation of BCST in complete layman’s terms. While my client gets cozied up on a massage table, I usually start with a foot massage...because honestly...who doesn’t like a foot massage. During the foot massage I’m working to settle myself. I sit, as a conduit, in a grounded state (I literally picture myself having roots sometimes) in touch and resonating with the universe, zero point field, god, the it what you will. This, for me, is a slightly meditative state. Once in this state I start a silent dialogue with the clients body. I literally say hi and ask how it is just now...but most importantly...I let the body know that I’m listening.

Everyone wants to be seen, heard, and appreciated. That’s a major part of human existence. The body is the same way. The body carries so much for us and we have no idea nor do we appreciate the work it’s doing for us. That sore spot in your back...that’s the anger you’re carrying from your boss firing you. The indigestion that occurs unrelated to food...that’s the sorrow you’re carrying from a family member passing away. While these are hypothetical situations, it is real that your body holds on to emotional baggage so that you can go on with your you can get to you can take care of your kids. The body processes a lot slower than the brain. So while you may think you’re over these events, your body may not be.

This is where Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy comes in. It allows the body to tell it’s story. It allows the body to be seen. It allows the body to be appreciated. And most of all, it gives space for the body to process this information and digest it.

This is just scratching the surface of the work. It’s a lot to digest. More to come!

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